Sunday, 30 April 2017


I was not obese nor overweight in my childhood and teenage years but the battle of weight loss was a rocky road. I was 12 years old when I started to be body cautious and that was when I started dieting and exercise but it did not last longer as the commitment was not consistent enough and my diet was not even considered healthy. Now fast forward to 2016 when I decided to be back at the game of weight loss. This time I considered it to be already a lifestyle and not as a casual diet journey. Here are my useful tips that you could try so enjoy reading!

From 68-65 kgs (October 2015-April 2016) to 60 kgs (May 2016)


Yes you read it right! Motivation is the very first step of weight loss. Once you have motivation, you can turn that weight loss journey into a commitment or a daily ritual already as you progress.Follow weight loss or fitness accounts on Instagram or You Tube for some inspiration tips. You can even screenshot a photo of your dream body and make that as a daily inspiration every day. Find a work-out buddy who is into fitness and your motivation to exercise will improve. And of course, the best motivation you can have is the people who doubted you. People who called you names (even though in a jokingly way) can still affect your self-esteem so you better step up your game up and prove them wrong beautiful!

Embrace the healthy eating
Increase your vegetable and fruit consumption. Lower your sugar and salt intake as these culprits can make you bloated. Not all carbohydrates are bad but you need to reduce your rice, bread and pasta intake as these carbs are hard to digest the most especially if you have a slow metabolism like me. 
Avoid fatty fried foods as they can have be high in fats that are unhealthy. Ditch high energy and processed drinks-instead drink more water. When going out with friends, choose the healthiest option in the restaurant (and girl do not be ashamed about it and ignore their rude comments...just keep going!).Make your own meals at home and watch healthy meals online if you do not know what to make. And of course be creative with your meals so you can enjoy every mouthful of it! 


Food switch
You can switch your bad diet into healthier options. I have provided some food that I have switched while trying to lose weight.

Sweets- dark chocolate, fruits, home-made smoothie and ice cream made in fruits or youghurt
Vegetable, margarine and canola oil- olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil
White bread- whole grain bread or wrap
White rice- brown rice, lettuce, broccolli, oats, sweet potatoes or quinoa
High fat milk- almond milk or coconut milk
High fat butter- olive butter or coconut butter
Energy and processed drinks- water and home-made fruit juice

Sweat it out
Sign up to your nearest gym and try going three to five times a week. Do more cardio first instead of going straight to lifting heavy weight to lose excess weight first instead of building more muscles which can make you look bulky. Or you can combine cardio and weight training to have an effective weight loss. If you do not feel like going to the gym go for a run or a jog for at least 30 minutes. Try home workouts that you can find on YouTube. You can also play your favorite sport. Remember to always exercise every week, if possible do it every day.


Have cheat meals 
Go have a break from eating clean and working out. Weight loss can be a success in my case if you treat yourself once a week. However, do not overeat when you have cheat meals as you can gain more pounds again. For example, eat only two scoops of ice cream instead of eating more than that. 


Avoid overeating
Overeating healthy meals can also disrupt your weight loss. Avoid eating heavy breakfast,lunch and dinner even if you are eating healthy as it can still lead to weight gain. Instead, have a small snack (fruit) in between meals so you will eat less the next meal. Or you can switch your dinner or breakfast into a smoothie if you are planning to eat a heavy breakfast or lunch. 

Woman never starve yourself when on your weight loss journey! Yes it is true you can still lose a few pounds when starving but it is only a short-term weight loss. Starving yourself can lead to overeating and weight gain. It can actually disrupt your metabolism. This is because when your body is on starvation mode, your metabolism slows down. Once your metabolism slows down, it will be harder to convert your food into energy, thus leading to fat storage. 

Keep it consistent
An  effective weight loss journey is mostly about keeping every element of the journey consistent. Do not be the girl who casually goes to the gym only just because she only feels like going. Do not be the girl that only eats healthy meals for a day or two and then goes back to her bad diet afterwards. There will be at times when you can be slacking off but that does not mean your journey ends there. You can still try the next week  or the next day to start your workout and healthy eating again. The key is to keep trying every week until you get used to your ritual. Trust me, once you keep going your weight loss journey will turn into a lifestyle already. 

Good luck and stay motivated!