Saturday, 13 December 2014

Downtown Auckland Shoot


  1. Great shots Kim!! (feeling close lang?) hehehhe
    It's my first time to visit your blog heheheh love it!!!!So proud to be your new follower... I love avocadoes too even if my mom doesn't always buy them...Lovin the peg of your shots! reminds me of night shots from Guess advertisements..Wish I could visit the place too! It looks so clean and perfect! So glad you were having a really nice day <3

    love lots,

  2. Thank you so much Tin! I also love your blog kay nindot kaayo sad kag mga photos :) mga talented jud ning mga cebuana uie haha. I followed your blog by the way :)

  3. Wow you take beautiful photos! ♥ As I was reading your response to Tin's comment (we're friends btw), I was shocked you speak Bisaya. Haha. But then I read your About Me page and yay, taga Cebu rasad diay ka! Hehe. :)

    Followed your blog ♥


    1. Thank you ate Janine! yaaay another cebuana blogger nasad :) Hopefully I can meet you guys when I visit Cebu someday x

    2. Weee please meet ta someday! :d

  4. Oh so you are a Cabuana, too! Woah! Bloggosphere is such a small world.. (hey there Tin and t.Jan! hehe..)
    Anyway, this is my first time to visit your blog and I like it! (Hope we can be friends ^_^)
    This post is pretty awesome.. Thanks to your dad for some nicely captured pictures there! And your photography skills is good, I tell 'ya. Your brother looks like a pro there! ;)

    Jong :)

  5. Hi there your blog is cool :)

  6. Your blog is awesome. I'm very thrilled that fellow Filipina blogger visited my blog, thanks for the compliment btw I'm so touched! I will be very happy to follow each other... do you mind?

    Cassie Thriftier

  7. amazing photos!! i like it

  8. How good that you decided to take the shots there, as I like it how much they show from Auckland!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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You guys are my motivators. That's why I blog :) A big thanks for your lovely comments <3 Have a nice day